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Grow Your Business Oct 11, 2016



Some company cultures thrive when employees can keep their eyes on a prize: like clocks, coolers and cameras from a company catalog. Others take a different approach. At family-owned, Minnesota-based Ryan Companies, they had traditionally used company checks or retailer gift cards to thank employees for a job well done or to give employees during the holidays. Ryan Companies realized that they could avoid some of the challenges inherent in company checks used for rewards.

Discovering a new solution

Ryan Companies discovered an option that provided a great alternative that helped with accounting and HR processing: Rewards Cards that could be loaded on site. Ryan Companies orders cards using the card issuer’s instant issue option that lets Ryan keep unloaded cards on hand. A Ryan Companies representative can go online to load a card, choosing an amount from $25 to $1,500, before presenting it to an employee.

Ryan Companies selected another upgrade to their Rewards Card program when they decided to include their company logo, making it a customized card. As a result, the reward feels more personal. A corporate partner will remember who it came from each time they look in their wallet, and a charity might display the card at a silent auction giving Ryan Companies added visibility.

Spreading joy

At holiday time, Ryan Companies’ employees often get a holiday card with a Rewards Visa Card inside that includes the Ryan logo. The company wants employees to feel appreciated — remembering who the card came from and why — as they get exactly what they want or need while shopping anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Rewards Cards help Ryan Companies with accounting and HR processing because all their payments happen via ACH funding or credit card, so there are no checks to issue or invoices to process.

More about Ryan Companies

Ryan Companies is a third-generation, family-owned developer serving the North, Midwest, Great Lakes, Southeast, Southcentral, Southwest, and West regions of the United States. Its fully integrated solutions include design, capital investment consultation, building and real estate management

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